What means face filling application? 

 Filling is applied under the skin in order to remove thin and deep wrinkles in the skin, to remove sagging, to treat scars, to remove collapses in the skin, to thicken thin lips, to shape the lips, to shape the cheekbone. Immediately after the facial filler, a younger appearance is provided. With face filling, tired expression in the face is removed. Within years, wrinkles and sagging occur due to decreased elastic fiber, collagen fiber, layer of fat and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Especially around the eyes, lips, jaw, neck, nose, forehead, wrinkles and sagging occur. Face filling can be successfully used to remove wrinkles and sagging in the lower parts of the face. Filling injection is applied for providing more fullness and youthful appearance to the lips in the mouth region. It can also be used to remove deep injury and acne scar on the skin.

How effective is the filling application?

Face filling is done to get rid of the sagging under the skin where there is wrinkle, sagging. It works by providing fullness to the area it is applied. The wrinkles and collapses in this area decrease or disappear with the effect of the filling material. Sometimes the filler may have an effect on the production of collagen. 

How face filling is applied?

Fillers are injected in small amounts with a thin needle to the desired area, wrinkle line or lips. Filling injection takes 20-30 minutes. The result is immediately visible. After the application, the person can return to routine activities immediately. The duration of permanence is 8-18 months, depending on the person.

Which regions can be treated with filler injections?

Facial sagging 

Wrinkles from nose wings to lip corners (Nasolabial lines)

Sagging lines extending from the mouth to the jaw

To make more distinct the cheekbones

Remove acne and injury scar

Forehead lines

The lines between eyebrows

Shape eyebrow

Raising the nose

What are the things to be careful after the face filling?

After face filling, heavy sports should not be done two days. Lying on your back is useful. Very hot bath should not be done. Light massages can be applied to the face. It is useful to apply ice after the process.