Salmon DNA Treatment

Along with the age, collagen production of our skin slows down, elasticity decreases, and as a result the skin ages and loses its former luminosity and moisture, as well as cracks and sagging occur by diminishing the fat ratio. Sun spots, lesions ruin skin appearance. Wrinkles and dryness of the skin lose elasticity, wrinkles appear and this affects skin health and vision in the negative direction. As we age, we cannot clearly synthesize the proteins and minerals needed for our body, so when we look at the mirror we clearly see the signs of aging. One of the main treatments that contain these substances that the skin needs is the salmon DNA.

What is Salmon DNA?

Salmon DNA is one of the most natural methods of skin rejuvenation. It is the closest DNA to human DNA. It is obtained from salmon and used in skin rejuvenation treatment. Salmon DNA helps skin regenerate, protecting the moisture by keeping the skin hydrated. Removes wrinkles and greatly reduces aging effects. The skin returns to the previous years.

Benefits of Salmon DNA for Skin

• Makes the skin surface brighter

• Protects the sun against harmful sun light and prevents the formation of new sun spots

• Raises the moisture content of the skin.

• Eliminates the dryness of skin caused by environmental factors.

• Strengthens and tightens the structure of the skin.

• Gives permanent softness.

How many sessions of salmon DNA are applied?

Even a single session in salmon DNA therapy provides a serious regeneration, but we recommend that you take 3 sessions to ensure that the treatment is permanent. Session intervals may vary from 1 to 2 weeks.

Which areas can the salmon DNA be applied?

Although it can be applied in any region where the skin needs to be moisturized, it is usually applied to the forehead, face, eye circumference, neck, hands, and low-neck regions. Gives a glow around the eye area and removes the effect of aging by removing the wrinkles significantly.

How to apply salmon DNA?

The application is made under the skin with thin Botox needles. The process time is approximately 20-30 minutes. The effect start the same day and the skin become younger from the next day, tightening becomes visible.

What should be considered before salmon DNA treatment?

It can cause redness and edema for the people using blood thinner medicines. It is significant for the people who use these medicines to notify in advance.