PRP supported hair treatments

The PRP, which is a cellular therapy, progresses as one is using his own blood cells. In the PRP method, 8-10 cc of blood is taken and processed in special kits. The red cells and white cells in the blood are separated from the centiphal fluid, that is, through the rapid rotation process. The platelet-enriched fraction is obtained and the liquid PRP is made available for hair treatment. Within normal blood, approximately 200,000 platelets are found in milliliters, but within the PRP antagonist it is more than 3 times that number. Approximately 4 cc of PRP fluid is obtained from the 8-10 cc blood tube.

What are the Benefits to the Hair?

This fluid, especially when injected into the hair shaft, is used in hair loss as an alternative to mesotherapy. The keratinocytes and epithelial growth factors that thrombocytes provide to the region, especially in areas where the hair follicles got thinner, give accurate results. PRP hair treatment provides thickening and root growth of hair follicles in the region where the hair is weakened.

What is PRP Assisted Hair Planting?

The long-term positive effects of mesotherapy are seen in the first session of the PRP. In PRP applications, which are usually performed in 3 sessions with 2-3 week intervals, the recovery of the patient's hair can be seen clearly in the 2nd session.

How long does the influence last?

The permanence of this process is between 12 and 18 months minimum. In summary, there is no permanent effect of PRP. The process needs to be repeated for a while longer. As long as the cures are repeated, the benefits of the PRP will continue to increase and the duration will increase.