Pollogen Radiofrequency

Pollogen Radio frequency application is a reliable method for face-lift and double chin recovery without surgery. In facelift operations, the pollogen radiofrequency acting on the muscle layer with the surgical intervention, namely to SMAS (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system), has an effect on the area where the smile muscles extending in the form of "V" with dynamic muscle activity. Pollogen corrects the sagging appearance of the face caused by the muscle in the face oval. People benefit from the effects of both muscle and skin tightening, can get rid of the excess fat in the stomach without surgery, the beauty triangle gets more obvious and tighter.

The youngness and aliveness of our skin depends on the elastin and collagen in its structure. If the skin is heated in a controlled manner to a certain level, these components will also stretch and tighten. In addition, this increase in temperature also helps to regenerate these components, whose production is gradually decreasing with age. Pollogen radiofrequency transmits heat from the top to the bottom and even to the muscle tissue and the desired aesthetic results in many parts of our body and our face, can be realized easily, effectively and painlessly.

It is possible to have a smooth, tight appearance in areas such as face, neck, low neck, back, arm, waist, leg without injecting any substance into the skin with pollegen radiofrequency.