How is Botox for armpit treatment done?

Treatment of Botox for armpit sweat takes a little time. In sweating treatment, the drug is diluted before the Botox application. The diluted Botox is divided into two and applied to both areas. Botox is injected into 20-30 points with tiny needles.

Is any pain felt in the complaints of armpit sweating with Botox?

As in all injections made into the skin, Botox gives some pain, but local anesthetic creams can be applied to relieve it. The pain caused by Botox in this area is less when compared to epilating or laser epilating procedures in the armpit.

Is there any side effect of Botox treatment with armpit sweating?

There is no significant side effect after the procedure. Botox is applied into the skin. It does not damage the armpit tissue. Only short-timed bruising due to injection can occur.

Who cannot have armpit sweating treatment with Botox?

Botox sweating treatment cannot be applied to pregnant and lactating mothers. Botox is not made for those with muscle disease. The application is not made to gentamicin and quinidine users


The procedure is performed under office conditions and the patient may return to work or daily life immediately after the treatment. The patient can take a shower after a few hours of the operation.


The main purpose of sweating is to regulate body heat. Whole body surface perspires for this purpose. However, sweat glands in the underarms and groin are post-puberty and are more odor-releasing. These odors are used in animals to attract the opposite sex. In humans, however, such odors are considered repulsive, not attractive. Therefore, making these sweat glands inoperative does not affect the body's heat setting and does not cause any health problems.