How does Eyebrow Transplanting take place?

Eyebrow Transplant is applied to the people who are hirtellous, who do not have eyebrows or who had and accident and/or burnt on eyebrows. In fact, the simple definition of the operation is taking the hair roots from the nape to the drawn and designated area, but the details of the work are the factors determining the quality; not the end of each plantation is the same. Roots should be taken with 0.6-0.7 mm tools in the process of planting. The roots should be planted without the need to cut the skin and with the help of needles of the same diameter, also without delaying the roots’ transfer. As the planting time is shortened, there is no root death. If the receiving tips used are thin, there will be no signs of any trace and sowing at both the intake and the planting site. The shape and frequency of eyebrows must be determined by the individual. All roots must consist of single roots and never double or triple roots should be planted.

The most important thing to be careful about eyebrow planting is the sowing angle and the need to plant individual roots. The roots should be planted in 25-30 degrees angle. This can only be done by a specialist who has a serious experience in eyebrow planting. Not everyone who performs hair plant can perform eyebrows plant. When doing a research, “how many degrees” should be added to the questions to the doctor. Clear figures should be taken. “We are transplanting aslope.” should not be taken into consideration.

In general, by transplanting 300 - 600 roots satisfactory results have been obtained. The process should be as close as possible to the natural ones, when done correctly with the FUE applied, so that anybody can not realize that the one has undergone an operation. Experienced hands can achieve this result.

How long is the healing period?

In our clinics, the transplant process is completed between 2 and 4 hours, by doctors indicating that the first wash should be done after 24 hours. The patient can continue his life from where s/he left without restrictions of any freedom. Because the FUE method does not open any channels with tools such as razor blade and bruises do not occur.