The male breast, structurally resembling a female breast, contains fewer female hormones.

But in some cases the male breast starts to grow spontaneously and almost takes the form of a female breast. This is a disease and in the medical literature it is called "gynecomastia".

There may be many reasons for gynecomastia. Some diseases and medicines can cause gynecomastia. However, in the vast majority of cases of gynecomastia, it occurs spontaneously without any reason.

Most of the bodybuilding athletes have gynecomastia. The reason for this is the high amount of male hormone they use as stimulants.

Once gynecomastia occurs, the enlarging breast tissue needs to be removed surgically because it can not be cured.


Two different surgeries are performed according to the structure of the breast gland.

If it is soft and fatty; liposuction may be sufficient.

For the hard and large gynecomastias; it needs to be removed with open technique. It's not a surgical operation that leaves scar. At the junction of the nipple and the colored part, a hemispherical incision is made so that the breast gland is removed from here. Liposuction is also performed if necessary.

It is a minor, pain-free operation that can be done without hospitalization. After 4 days you can return to your normal life.


It is recommended for all men with gynecomastia. It is a difficult situation for a man to bear. It creates psychological problems especially in younger.


Possible bleeding may be in the form of blood accumulation on one side of the nipple as "hematoma". The risk of infection can warn you with a one-sided swelling that may occur around the fifth day after the surgery. The solution is to clean the infection and to treat with antibiotics.

Asymmetry is one of the problems that can be encountered after this surgery. In these cases, a retouching operation may be necessary.


Generally, patients are discharged at the same day and can return to work after 3-4 days. The first night may be troublesome. Usually, a simple painkiller taken orally is sufficient. Serious bruising and swelling are not seen in this surgery.


Type of the anesthesia: Local anesthesia is sufficient.

Where the surgery should be performed: In a hospital and in the operating room.

Duration of the surgery: 1 hours.

Duration of stay in the hospital: It is possible leaving hospital on the same day.

Post-surgical pain and bother: 2-3 days dull ache. Oral simple painkillers are usually sufficient. 

Swelling, bruising: Between 5–10 days, moderate.

Drain: A low possibility need to use drains. The drains are removed on the next day. 

Medical dressing: In 2–3 days is removed completely. 

Stitches: No stitches.  

When you can start to work: 4 days.

Sport: Hike after 2 weeks, after 5 weeks, it would be right to start hard sports. 

Final form: 2-3 months.