What is the LEGEND Hybrid Energy system that creates a Natural Fill effect?

The Hybrid Energy ™ system is a hybrid technology as understood from its name. Namely, it brings 2 beneficial effects together for your skin. These two technologies are; Radiofrequency heat given with the micro-needles into the skin and low-energy electrical-galvanic currents released into the skin.

How is Hybrid Energy transferred into the skin?

The application is done with the 36 micro-needles on the surface of the personalized tip. These micro-needles are so thin that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Before penetrating into the skin, the micro-needles are warmed up and become ready to be sent under the skin smoothly. Radiofrequency heat from the micro-needles under the skin continues to be released for a certain period of time. Then the electrical current is switched on and rejuvenating biochemical stimulation begins, which will last for a long time, as well as the stimulation of heat under the skin.

Does LEGEND Hybrid Energy create a natural fill effect?

Hybrid energy system eliminates folds and wrinkles by natural means. Heat and electrical stimulation enable our collagen, hyaluronic acid and glucose amino glycans, which are the building blocks under the skin, to be produced 6 times more. So the skin looks tighter, more brightened and younger.

Can Hybrid Energy be preferred for acne marks and pore problems?

After classical methods, peeling and laser applications for acne marks and porous skin problems you now have another new and strong choice. Hybrid Energy provides a smoother look for oily and porous skin on the marks of pimples left from adolescence times. Without feeling pain and skin flaky, and also without removing from your daily life. With Hybrid Energy, both the skin starts to shine and gets rid of the matt look, and also gets tighter and free of folds and wrinkles.

Hybrid energy solutions

• Removal of forehead and eye lines

• Removal of wrinkles around the mouth

• More Face Volume

• Tightening around cheeks and eyes

• Acne marks

• Cracks

• Volumizing the cheek and submucosal pits

• Minimization of pores