Lip Augmentation

Beautiful lips have been a symbol of women's aesthetics for centuries. When we look at a person's face, the eyes in the upper half of the face and the lips in the lower half form our focal point. Plump and explicit contoured lips are the expression of youth, health, and sexual attraction.

Why is lip augmentation required?

In some youngsters the lips are thin as a result of structure in nature. In addition, the lips, like the other parts of the face, lose their attractiveness in aging people. Lips lose volume and become thinner and become more flat. In addition, osteoporotic changes in the jaw bones that support the back of the chin and the loss of height in the teeth contribute to the sagging of the lips. Again, hyperactivity with age in the muscles around the lips causes to appear vertical lines on the lips. In addition, the participation of some muscles again causes the lip corners to start turning downward and give a sad expression.

Filling Material (Hyaluronic acid)

Hyaluronic acid is found in all living things and has the same molecular structure. Hyaluronic acid (NASHA) obtained in synthetic environment; are used as ready-to-use products in injected form, saturated with human tissue and 99.9% pure salty water. The reasons of its being the most preferred are; the absence of allergic problems previously encountered in collagen injections, the long-lasting effect of reducing wrinkles and the ability to retain water deeply.

Areas where the filler material is used in lip augmentation applications;

• Lip thickening

• Lip contouring

• Lip shaping

• Nose lip fold

How the Lip Augmentation is applied?

Before filling application to the lips, anesthetic (local drug) effect creaming for 15-20 minutes makes the operation much more comfortable by decreasing the needle feeling. Afterwards we start the injection using extremely fine-tipped needle tips. Lip fill application is a medical practice that can be completed by an experienced physician in 10-20 minutes.

Post Lip Augmentation

The result can be seen right after the operation; the change can be immediately noticed. After one day the slightly increased edema decreases in a few days, and the desired result is obtained in about 7 days. Depending on the physiological differences of treated individuals, effects such as mild swelling, redness, or bruising may occur with the application, but these symptoms decrease only after a few days without causing any symptoms. The lip augmentation operation, which is made according to facial anatomy and proportions, never causes an artificial appearance. Finally, extremely natural and aesthetic lips come up.