It is a medical device consisting of a steel and a gold-plated needle which is arranged on a cylindrical drum and is extremely thin, specially prepared, changing according to the treatment area.

When the dermaroller is applied to the skin, micro-needles open dermise micro-channels on the skin. These channels can be thought as submerged gates. Dermaroller is applied to each region in average 6-10 times as a star shape. Since it is repeated several times in the same area, about 250-300 micro channels are opened in 1 cm². It is possible to send the necessary active ingredients for skin problem at high density from these opened channels.

Another advantage of the Dermaroller is that the micro channels, which are opened by the skin, are perceived as a wound. However, even if there is no condition that can actually be seen as a wound in the area, the skin initiates a healing mechanism in itself.

The redness that occurs after applying this method, which is suitable for all skin types, usually lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

The usage area of Dermaroller,

1. In the dermatology, it increases the penetration of topical formulas up to 200 times to the under skin. It maximizes the activity of the formula in the skin.

2. New collagen provides anti-aging effect by stimulating elastin, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid stimulation.

3. Dermaroller is used in melasma and hyperpigmentation.

4. Dermaroller has very successful results on acne scars.

5. Helps reducing the yellow large pore structure.

6. Dermaroller reduces the appearance of skin cracks.

7. Dermaroller is effective in increasing the ability to move on burn scars.

It is safe.

Dermaroller does not create sun sensitivity.

The use of Dermaroller is safe, including in the summer months.

It does not damage the feature of skin barrier. 

No special care is required after skin application.

Patients can continue their daily life after application of dermaroller.