Botox® is a toxin obtained from bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Botox® operates by preventing the secretion of substances that transmit at the nerve endings and by interrupting the conduction between the nerves and the muscles or organs reached by the nerves. Botox® is not a filling material contrary to the common belief in public. Just like the medicines obtained from penicillin and other microscopic livings or fungus, Botox® is the drug form made from a processed bacterial toxin. Botox® is applied as injection. It is not a painful procedure, but a slight pain may be felt during the injection. Anesthetic creams may be applied to the application area 15-20 minutes before the application to reduce any pain that may occur. Botox® is an effective treatment generally for the wrinkles around the face and neck.

Botox®, a treatment method applied to remove facial lines and wrinkles, is a treatment that gives positive results in the treatment of wrinkles that occur from too much muscle work. Movements such as frowning, forehead wrinkling, mimicry, laughing bring the lines to the face after continuously repeated and these lines get deeper into deeper with the age. With the application of Botox®, mimic lines can be removed as visibly seen, even all these lines can be removed. It lasts for six months in the face region.

- Botox® applications, which can also be used in the treatment in excess amount of perspiration of sole, palms and armpits, prevents perspiration after 6 to 8 months of treatment.

- Another preferred area by women is brow lift.

- The main purpose of Botox® treatment is the complete blockage or weakening of the muscle causing the wrinkle.

- The only side effect of Botox® is small redness in injected areas.

- Botox® is a very simple and highly safe method of beauty when it is applied correctly in the control of specialist physicians.