Before the mustache transplant, the patient is passed through a detailed examination. After that, the operation begins by the planning phase. This procedure is used to camouflage traces of infection or burns in this area where the patient’s mustache is sparse or with no hair. Drawing and measurements are made in the mustache area of the patient before the operation. It is calculated how many roots will be added according to the size of the field or the area to be added. The patient is informed about before and after mustache plant.

Since there is not yet a drug treatment to grow the mustache, the hair roots removed from the nape are applied to empty areas and an ideal mustache image is obtained. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain or ache during the operation, and the redness after the operation leaves the skin on the shells in a few days.

The nape region, which has hair roots as the same as the mustache region, is used as a donor. Hair roots taken with special devices are placed in hairless beard and mustache areas are treated with the help of 0.6-0.7 mm piercing needles. During the application of hair roots are placed at the appropriate angle, so no cuts are formed in the patient's skin. Thin, sparse or asymmetric mustaches may be a serious problem for a man. It is the imagination of every man with a full beard and a mustache that is one of the important symbols of the manhood. For those who do not have such mustaches, the solution is mustache treatment. By extremely comfortable and painless post plantation, the patient regains his vitality in his dreams and reveals his natural beauty and graceful image, as he deserves on his face.

• The required drawings and measurements are made, the number of hair roots to be transferred is calculated.

• Hair roots are taken with technological devices, which are in the most suitable donor area.

• Fine-grained needles are placed on the patient's face without an incision.

• Pain and ache are not felt when applied with local anesthesia.

• Starts growing in three months and takes its final shape in 1 year.

• After the operation, the patient returns to normal activities.

How will the process of healing after the Mustache Plant Treatment be?

The number of hair roots to be applied to the mustache area and the mustache plant treatment which is made according to the area varies according to the area, the redness disappears within 10 days at the latest and the operation rests cannot be seen.

We call it an application that does not even have a redness that is left behind after a mustache planting. The recovery process after mustache plant is very short and painless. Beard can be shaved 20 to 25 days after the planting and it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the doctor during the healing period to that day.

Rushing to shave a mustache may delay healing. Especially during the first 3-5 days, the operation area should remain dry and the shells should be softened and spilled with lotions. It is not right to forcibly remove the shells and expose them to direct sunlight during the healing period. You can visit our clinic for a natural and aesthetic mustache intensity, listen to comments and operation experiences from our clinicians about our clinic, take photographs to see the difference before and after the mustache, and after the operation, beard and mustache are shown to the patient after they have come out. You can always visit our clinic for a mustache planting in Istanbul.

• The healing process is extremely comfortable.

• Redness disappears in 10 days.

• The first shaving is 20-25 days.

• The operation area is kept dry for 3-5 days.

• It is administered under local anesthesia.

• The patient returns to normal life immediately.