As a result of aging and losing too much weight, loosening and sagging may occur, especially in the inner legs of most women. Especially when the skirt is worn, it can cause sweating and intertrigo by the friction of the inner faces of the legs while walking. In addition to these looseness of the inner parts of the leg, which creates an unpleasant appearance aesthetically, and it can be corrected by thigh lift operations.


Leg aesthetic surgery is done in a fully equipped hospital. Thigh lift aesthetics requires general anesthesia and it takes up to 2 hours on average. It is enough to be hospitalized for 1 day. In the thigh lift surgery, an amount of extra skin is removed from the crotch line toward the inner sides of the legs, and the inner face of the leg is re-sutured on the crotch line by stretching the skin upward. In this way, the excess fat is removed and skin tension is ensured. In some patients it may be possible to combine liposuction treatment with thigh lift aesthetics.


It is suitable for everyone who has loosening and sagging in tissues, especially in the inner part of the thighs and in the bottom area, which occcur as a result of weight loss, sunlight and aging.


You will not feel a disturbing pain after the operation. A little pain you feel will not bother you anymore with the help of painkillers. You can get up on the same day. After the thigh lift surgery, the inner face of the leg may swell and bruise. It may take a few weeks for the swelling and bruising to fully heal. After 2-3 days you will be able to make an airplane trip. It is possible to take a shower after 2-3 days from surgery. The healing period varies considerably from person to person, and within about 7-10 days you can fully recover. It takes about 5-7 days to get back to work.

The activities require force and sporting can be started 4 weeks later. Despite the fact that aesthetic thigh lift surgery is a traumatic surgery in the early period, the marks disappears by the time and the results of the surgery are quite good.


After this surgery, smoking of the patient greatly increases the risk of any kind of complication. There is always a risk of enlargement and bad appearance of scars during these types of surgeries. Scar healing and the rarity and commonnes related scarring vary from patient to patient.


Type of the anesthesia: General or Local

Where the surgery should be performed: In a hospital and in the operating room.

Duration of the surgery: 2 hours.

Duration of stay in the hospital: 1 day.

Post-surgical pain and bother: Slight ache 2 or 3 days. Oral simple painkillers are usually sufficient.

Swelling, bruising: Rare

Medical dressing: It is completely removed in 2–3 days. 

Stitches: There is no stitch to be removed. 

When you can start to work: 7-10 days

Sport: Hike after 2 weeks, hard sports after 5 weeks. 

Final form: 2-3 weeks